Chat with a Vet – Preventing Dental Disease in Dogs

Chat with a Vet – Preventing Dental Disease in Dogs



Don’t be too surprised that your dogs too have teeth problems as well. Since there are no outward symptoms though, it can be easy to miss until it’s too late. Among the different kinds of dental diseases that affect dogs, periodontal disease is the most common.

Periodontal disease causes inflammation of the area surrounding teeth and gums. It is caused by plaque build-up, and because of this, it’s completely preventable. Over 90% of cases can be prevented by regular cleaning, products aids, and diet.

If owners miss initial signs of inflammation in their pet’s mouth, periodontal disease can advance to a point where it can have serious consequences. These include missing teeth, receding gum tissue, bone loss, and chronic pain. The most alarming issue around the disease, is that those consequences are irreversible.

Chat with a Vet – Brushing

The best way to prevent all kinds of dental diseases is to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Just like human teeth, they need to be cleaned frequently to prevent plaque build-up. You can clean your dog’s teeth under the gum line with a soft bristled brush specifically made for dogs. Don’t use a human tooth brush or toothpaste, as fluoride can be harmful to your dogs mouth. You can also use dental sponges or do finger brushing if that’s what makes your pet comfortable.

Aim to brush everyday. If you’re finding your schedule too busy, then make it a point to brush at least a few times a week. According to previous research, just brushing your dog’s teeth 3 times a week can significantly lower their bacteria and plaque levels.

Chat with a Vet – Dental products

While nothing beats brushing, there are lots of dental products to make cleaning your dog’s teeth easier. You can find oral hygiene solutions that you spray directly into your pet’s mouth. There are also ingenious rubber teeth cleaning toys that clean while your dog chews on them. Water additives are very popular as well. You can simply add it to your dog’s drinking bowl with very little hassle.

While these dental products do help improve hygiene, none of them can completely replace brushing. You really want to use them as a filler once in a while as long as you’re brushing up to 3 times a week.

Chat with a Vet – Diet

There are some great food products in pet stores that are especially designed to prevent gum disease in dog’s teeth. You’ll find kibble that’s safe for dog teeth is bigger and harder to break apart, not allowing small pieces to get left behind in their mouths.

Unfortunately, vets don’t recommend giving your dogs bones. They are well known to damage your dogs teeth, causing issues in their colon and large intestines. Instead of a bone, treat your dog to a dental rawhide. They’ll be just as happy and healthy!