House Rules for Pet Guests Tag

Very few hotels are pet friendly these days, which is why many pet owners prefer staying with a friend or family member. Taking your pet with you as a houseguest means following certain house rules for pet guests.

Regardless of how welcoming your host may be, it is always nice to be respectful of their house and to keep your pet on their best behavior. Follow some simple house rules for pet guests to make sure you have a great holiday.

House Rules for Pet Guests: Ask first

Even if your friend or relative has pets of their own, it doesn’t always mean that they will be keen on your pet joining the troupe. Their pet may feel threatened by an unfamiliar animal and react badly. Before planning your trip, you should talk to you host and ask if it would be ok to bring your pet with you.

House Rules for Pet Guests: Travel heavy

Make sure to pack everything that your pet normally needs at home or when traveling. Don’t expect your host to have anything ready for your pet. Take your own food, medicines and bedding, as well as, grooming items and toys. You will also want to prepare for accidents. Take some cleaning materials with you just in case your pet gets sick and creates a mess.

House Rules for Pet Guests: Follow the house rules

Your host may warn you what the house no-no’s are, but just to be safe, ask them anything you may be concerned about ahead of time. You may want to ask things like: Is your cat allowed on the sofa? Can your dog sleep with you in the bed? Is there a restricted area in the house? Find out which places in the house are allowed for your pet to enter and which are not.

House Rules for Pet Guests: Introduce your pet

Your pet may get agitated in a new environment. Make sure to introduce them to the inhabitants of the home they’ll be visiting beforehand if possible. You’ll want to do you best to make everyone feel comfortable. Short introductions work best so that you don’t overwhelm your pet. If you feel that your pet is tense, take them to a safe zone like your car or their carrier. This way they can relax and acclimatize to the new inhabitant slowly.