You, Your Pet, and COVID-19

You, Your Pet, and COVID-19

 The effects of the novel coronavirus are all around us – social distance, self-quarantine, shelter-in-place – are all impacting daily life. There are some important things to know about pet care in this difficult time.

COVID 19 has been shown to be highly infectious in people. What is unclear currently, is whether or not our pets can actively be infected with the virus. Infected means being able to have the virus make more of itself inside the pet.


Top Five Things to Know RIGHT NOW

  1. Currently there is no proof then a pet can be infected with COVID19.
  2. If you are positive or have been exposed making sure that you limit your contact with both pets and people that are immunocompromised is an excellent way to make sure that the virus does not “ jump“ to a new species.
  3. Only taking your pet to the veterinarian when they are sick during this time will also help protect the veterinary staff as well as yourself. Many staff members are young and could be in the asymptomatic group of the population.
  4. Get creative and comfortable with new ways of contacting medical experts for your pet! The virtual care options provided by MyPetDoc are the new norm!! Extreme comfort in knowing that your pet will be OK when you see a potential symptom helps to keep you home if you don’t need to be out.
  5. The use of online pharmacies may be an excellent way for you to limit your exposure, limit your veterinary teams exposure and your pets exposure to this virus by having medications shipped directly to you! Your pet is able to stay healthy and on time for needed medications while you stay safe.

Be well and thank you for allowing the MyPetDoc team to help you to keep your pets well during this time!